The belt is made up of two fine lengths of leather, plaited in places, with a plain leather knob at one end. Attached to the belt: a leather rectangle with stitching along all four edges; a leather oval sewn together with heavy leather stitching; a leather square with a diamond and horizontal lines imprinted into the leather on one side; a small dagger-like object in a leather sheath on a length of thin leather; a stuffed leather tear-drop shaped attachment; thin plaited leather doubled over and secured by a knot at one end; a small triangular shaped piece of leather bound by pieces of leather in three places; a stuffed leather square with raised squares on one side; a larger round ball of stuffed, plaited leather.
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Leather with small brass[?] dagger
1200mm circumference
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Collection of Waikato Museum Te Whare Taonga o Waikato
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