Robert Redfern

Name: Redfern, Richard

Studio address: Queen Street, Auckland Central, Auckland City 1879; Brown and Queen Street, Auckland c1880; 270 Queen Street, Auckland Central, Auckland City 1880-1885/6; Opposite the Market, Queen Street, Auckland Central, Auckland City 1880; Opposite Market House, Queen Street, Auckland Central, Auckland City 1881.

Known years of operation: 1879 1880 1881 1882 1883/4 1885/6

Source: The Auckland Directory (1882), p212; 1882 Return of Freeholders of Land; Wright's Australian & American Commercial Directory & Gazetteer 1882/3; The Auckland Directory 1883/4; Wise's NZPO Directory (1883/4), p890; Wise's NZPO Directory (1885/6), p846; H Knight, NZ Photographers: a selection (1981), index.

Remarks: Said to be the brother of George Redfern, photographer. Probable arrival on the William Miles 12 November 1862. A photograph of Alice and Annie Denison (Auckland City Libraries Special Collections - safe) has an inscription "R.Redfern, Art Studio, Queen St., Auckland" on the reverse. It can be dated to 1879/80 from the girls' ages. Card index at Auckland Museum Library has the spelling REDFURN. Knight (1981) says Brown Street and Queen Street, c1880. There was no Brown Street in Central Auckland in the 1880s and this element of the address has probably been transferred from the entry for W H Reed which precedes this entry in Knight's index. Studio "opposite the Market, Queen Street" according to Waikato Times 1 Jan 1880. He was living in Richmond Road in 1883 (Ponsonby Highway District Board, PHB003, item 1, p77).

Adverts Waikato Times, 4 March 1879, p1 Waikato Times 1 Jan 1880, 2 October 1880, p1 Waikato Times 1 Jan 1881, pp1,4 Waikato Times 15 Jan 1881 .


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