Vera Doreen Blumhardt

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A pioneer of art education and was head of the Art Department of Wellington College of Education </wiki/Wellington_College_of_Education> for over 20 years, Blumhardt's works are included in many overseas galleries and institutions including the Victoria and Albert Museum </wiki/Victoria_and_Albert_Museum> in London and the Museo Gaccia in Switzerland as well as in her home nation of New Zealand </wiki/New_Zealand>.
She completed publications on craft, including New Zealand Potters: Their Work and Words and Craft New Zealand, the Art of the Craftsman (1981), which won the Watties Book of the Year award.
In 2003, she set up the Blumhardt Foundation, which was established to foster, support, collect, and display the best examples of decorative arts and design in New Zealand. Every year, the Foundation, TheNewDowse (previously The Dowse Art Museum), and Creative New Zealand </wiki/Creative_New_Zealand> offer a Cultural Internship, providing opportunities for artists to nurture curatorial interest and expertise in the areas of decorative arts and design.
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