Lizard skin

In 1974 Waikato Museum acquired a selection of items, including this lizard skin, from Graham Jackson. Jackson was a New Zealand anthropologist who spent time living with and researching the Kopon and the Kalam people of the Lower Kaironk Valley in Papua New Guinea.

Jackson fieldnotes: Lizard skin used for drums. Skin of a lizard called wablm. Used on drums. To stretch it out first moisten with water. Probably manufactured by men. Used by men for ceremonial occasions only. Type of lizard skin used may be dragon lizard (Goniocephalus higrigularis, meyer) = kwom.
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Lizard skin.
255 x 155 x 145mm - LxWxD of whole object [verified].
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Collection of Waikato Museum Te Whare Taonga o Waikato
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